Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So, I made some improvements to the painting I have been working on. Over Thanksgiving break my dad gave me a trowel which he uses to pattern plaster or grout or whatever, I find it particularly useful though in making cross hatching marks in thicker paint. So essentially I am applying with a palette knife then going over the top with this spiky lookin trowel thing and it gives this awesome textured look to the paint. I really like how it picks up light, and the rigidity it gives the objects within the painting. I've been using it on all my most recent work, which I should post soon, but ya I'm really liking the effects.

The top image is a section of the painting that I photographed then reflected using photoshop to create a rorshack (spelling?) type effect. I got this idea from my friend Dave back home, who photographs his prints to create these digital prints on the computer, which can be easily replicated. I like the symmetrical nature of this type of image making and I think I will start a series of my own, to further experiment with the forms that appear on my canvases.

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